Senegalese Twist Hairstyle

Senegalese Twist Hairstyle

Rope Twist

Senegalese rope twist are an excellent alternative choice to braids. Rope twist can be small medium or large and can be styled on relaxed or virgin hair. Senegalese twist give a funky spin to hair and can be worn for three months or more depending on maintenance. This fun hairstyle can be worn by any age group. Hair accessories can be added to Senegalese twist to give this fabulous hairstyle color.

Rope twist can be created using synthetic hair extensions or human hair extensions. Hair is usually shampooed and conditioned before style is applied. Hair should be oiled to give hair shine. To begin a rope twist section off the hair in a mid size box and use hair clips to hold remaining hair away from work area. Use hair extensions of your choice. Split hair in two and turn one end of hair mixed in with extensions to the right and twist the other section of hair to the left. Make sure the base is tight.

Continue twisting two sections of hair around each other  until entire twist is complete. Depending on the size of your part and the amount of extension hair used, determines how big or small your rope twist will be.Spray hair with oil sheen when entire head is complete.

Two Strand Rope Twist


While twisting hair add beeswax to smooth  any loose hair. Holding spray can also be used to increase length of time style can be worn. Hair ends can be dipped in boiling water or burned to prevent hair from untwisting.


Spray hair with oil sheen and wear a hair bonnet before bedtime. Oil scalp if needed.

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Rope Twist

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