Flat Twist and Spiral Curls

Flat Twist and Spiral Curls

Flat Twist1 215x324 Flat Twist and Spiral Curls

Flat twist and spiral curls are an excellent choice for long, medium or short hair. This style is trendy and can be worn for different occasions. Hair should be washed before styling for longer wear.Flat twist are made when hair is parted and turned under, then held in place with rubber bands. Prevent making rubber bands too tight because that can cause hair to break. Gel or setting lotion is optional to help hold hair in place. Flat Twist for girls 263x324 Flat Twist and Spiral Curls

Spiral curls are created with a flat iron but can be made with rollers. Large rollers will make the curl look loose. Small rollers will give a tighter curl pattern. It’s your choice.
Hair should be sprayed with oil sheen to add shine and moisture to the hair.A hair bonnet should be worn before bed time to help hair look neat longer. Flat Twist can be worn between two and three weeks. Girls and women of all ages can benefit from wearing this hairstyle because it is low maintenance.  Flat Twist and spiral curls can be styled on natural hair or using hair extensions. You can choose to make your Flat Twist large or small depending on what you like. Part the hair in different directions for a custom look.
To remove Flat Twist simply undo rubber bands and unroll the hair. Flat Twist with Design 313x324 Flat Twist and Spiral Curls

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