Box Braids with Synthetic Hair Extensions

Box Braids

Box Braids, Synthetic hair Braids, multi colored hair braids,

Box Braids provide color, length and texture to hair

Box Braids are free hanging braids parted in a square shape at the base. Synthetic hair extensions are used to add length and color to the hair. Different size braids can give different looks.You can choose to wear your braids straight, wavy, spiral curled, short etc.Box braids can be worn for up to two months if proper hair care is followed.

Box Braids, Synthetic hair braids, free hanging braids

Long Box Braids with synthetic hair extensions

Braids can be washed and oiled after braided to keep hair fresh and moisturized.
Box braids are excellent for busy students or people looking for a trendy hairstyle that is affordable and easily styled.

Box Braids, Free Hanging Braids, mutlti- colored braids

Box Braids with hair extensions provide texture and length


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