How to create Invisible Part Quick Weaves

Invisible Part Quick Weaves

Weather you have natural or relaxed hair, invisible part quick weaves can be done on your hair to give you a stylish fresh hairstyle with minimum maintenance. Different hair textures and lengths can be used so you can be flexible with the out come. Quick weaves are achieved using a hair weave cap, hair extensions,oil sheen spray, setting lotion or gel, hand held blow dryer, bonding glue, mousse or flat iron is optional. Shampoo hair before styling quick weaves. When wearing an invisible part quick weave, a minimum amount of bonding glue is put on top of hair that has been pulled back into a ponytail and set with setting lotion or gel and dried under a hooded dryer.

The hair is usually parted down the middle or side in preparation for the style. The Weave cap is put on the head below where the hair part is and hair extensions are bonded to the cap using a hand held dryer to dry glue.One the top portion of hair, a U- shape is made inches away from your hair part. To fill in the section of hair that is not on the stocking cap, short strips of extensions  are cut and bonded to the hair one after another as close as possible for good coverage. Fill in all the spaces for a more realistic look.  Placing the tracks at an angle also helps to make the part look more realistic.

This hairstyle can last up to three weeks if hair care steps are followed. Wear a hair bonnet to protect hair at night from dust and help minimize tangles. Spray hair lightly with oil sheen.

Check out my gallery to see more pictures of Invisible Part Quick Weaves in Dania Beach.

*The weave cap helps protect your hair from the glue so removal will be easily done in the future. After the entire head is covered with extensions hair can be sprayed with oil sheen and styled with a flat iron or for wavy styles mousse can be applied.

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