Large Braids A.K.A Bulk Braids by Alexis

Bulk Braids with Yaky Hair Extensions

So , more people are showing of big braids A.K.A bulk braids now that its getting closer to Christmas. Cheap TVs . Bulk braids are normally done faster than other braided hairstyles due to their size and length.  These  larger braids require very minimum  maintain. Its so convenient to have a hairstyle that does not require plugging in a flat Iron or washing as you go.

Bulk Braids A.K.A Large braids

Bulk Braids can be worn to school, to the gym, shopping and much more. win free rewards . rayne longboard . This hairstyle is trendy and all ages can enjoy this hairstyle.

To create a longer braid, Yaky hair extension was used. This hair has a curl on the end and has a shiny, smooth feel.

A nice warm caramel color was mixed with black to create a two tone braided creation that makes people stop and stare. This hairstyle cost under fifty dollars, so this style is very affordable for people looking for trendy styles on a budget.

Hair Care Advice

Spray braids with oil sheen as needed. Wear a hair bonnet before bedtime. Keep scalp moisturized.

Bulk Braids with Yaky Hair Extension

If you would like to have your hair braided in custom braids  contact Alexis at 954-925-1086 to schedule  hair appointment.

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