Get your Natural Hair Double twisted

Double twist on Natural Hair

Double twist on natural hair is a great way to change up your hairstyle if you normally wear an Afro or ponytail. These twist are very ethnic and makes hair look fun and touchable. This hairstyle can be completed in under two hours and require little maintenance. Natural hair products such as Shea butter, Honey bee’s wax and Tea tree oil sheen  were used to make hair shine and moisten the hair shaft.

Double Twist on Natural Hair

This is also an affordable hairstyle in these tough economical times, costing under fifty dollars on short to medium hair .This style can be worn for up to three weeks  before next hair appointment.To get your hair styled by Alexis call 954-925-1086 for a consultation or  to schedule an appointment.

To keep this Hairstyle looking its best follow hair care instructions provided below.

Hair Care Instructions

On normal hair, spray Tea Tree oil sheen as needed. california foundation repair company . Custom Jewelry . service laptop . Wear a hair bonnet before bedtime to help prevent dryness.



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