Double twist on Long Natural Hair

Double strand twist on natural hairThe double strand twist on long natural hair is adorable for girls. This hairstyle takes about three hours to complete and can look lovely for up to three weeks. joel leyden facebook . New Jersey foundation repair . all natural Beeswax helps hold the twist in place and hair is sprayed with oil sheen. Two small clips help prevent hair from getting in the face and add color to the hairstyle.two strand twist on natural hairTo keep hairstyle looking it’s best follow hair care instructionsHair Care InstructionsWear a hair bonnet before bedtime. Denver SEO . Wear a shower cap to prevent getting hair wet.


  1. barbara says:

    her hair is lovely.

  2. austinique says:

    i like it my hair is stort for that

  3. lilikindsli says:

    vJgUTV I want to say – thank you for this!


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